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  • High speed steel cone 2017-10-17

    High speed steel coneHigh speed steel cone, a tool for machining internal thread, has grooves along the axial direction. Its called a screw attack. The tap is divided into straight slot tap, spiral groove tap and tap tap according to its shape. Straight groove...
  • Machining of alloy bit 2017-10-17

    Machining of alloy bitMore and more processing workshops are using solid carbide drills instead of gun drills to process deep holes. In the past, in the market of deep hole cutting tools, the new generation of solid carbide twist drill with deep hole of 16-40 ti...
  • Machining of Alloy Tap 2017-10-17

    Machining of Alloy TapTap tapping is often the last machining process of the workpiece. If the tap breaks or other quality accidents, the workpiece will be scrapped, which will cause great economic losses, so it also requires a certain security. At present, the...
  • Milling cutter mould milling 2017-10-17

    Milling cutter mould millingDual angle design of front and rear surfaces and special treatment of tool nose. The latest material of fine particle cemented carbide matrix is supplemented by special control process and exquisite coating technology. Synchronizing blade t...
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